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Terrasenses & Etica Events is a responsible travel and event company located in Quito, the lively capital of Ecuador.

Hi there! I am José Luis, the co-owner of Terrasenses. We are family business! My wife began with a company helping small businesses going green. She was doing low costs trainings and RSE planning for small companies. With our wedding in 2008 she fell in love with all the details and took courses to become a certified planner and her new company was born (creating Destination weddings and local events in Ecuador) in 2009. At the same time I created my own business as a tour operator; one year later, at the end of 2010 we fused the two, my wife who is a planner is in charge of the honeymoons and destination weddings, I am in charge of the responsible tours around Ecuador section. We are doing this together and keep it as a small responsible company.  Even if we are a family business, we have more in common than just family connections. From artists to engineers and Master in international relations — we're a pretty lively small bunch here at Terrasenses! What do we share in common (beyond our sparkling charm and dashing good looks)?! We all feel pretty darn good about delivering a service that's unique, personalized and that leaves you the best of our country and our people.

We travel extensively around Ecuador and South America - we are as often on the road meeting unique people (hotel and restaurant owners), our special travelers and couples, visiting unique places: plantations, spas... as we are at our desks - but if we've not managed to meet you in person yet and you're curious as to what we look like take a look at the photos and description!